Brenda’s Commission artwork is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable areas of her work. Creating personalized images for those who want a lasting impression of their own vessel, cabin or special waterfront location, that have created special memories. Her commissions are very detailed and personal and have been the ideal gift for those who want something different and unique.  From the chart to the location, to the personal snapshots and history, every stage of the commissions is designed by you and the artist.  These individual images evoke lasting memories and create specialized personal or corporate gifts, or are perfect for a one of a kind promotional or incentive gift for your business.  Our staff looks forward to working with those who prefer this special type of artwork.  

Brenda is commissioned yearly by a wide variety of companies and associations to create images just for them. Her paintings have been commissioned by the Alaska State ferry, United States Coast Guard and countless other agencies and cruise lines, not only as artwork to grace their vessels and boardrooms, but have been the highlight of many retirement and relocation parties, giving those recipients a one of a kind reminder of their years of service and dedication. These images are truly a personalized, one of a kind, a project that will make any occasion heartfelt. 

If you would like to contact the Marine Artist about commissions or ask questions about the commission process, contact her at


Arctic Nomad was created for a Wrangell Alaska Fishing Troller.