Brenda is a Fourth generation Alaskan.A local, she lives and paints in Wrangell, Alaska. Brenda travels throughout the Northwest region capturing those images that present themselves. " I can't remember a time when I wasn't sketching and painting, I have always pushed myself and strived to learn what these beautiful scenes are reflecting. I have wanted to create images that have an essence and bring a feeling to mind. For me, I am constantly surrounded by scenery that inspires me and keeps me wanting to know what is around the next corner." 

Brenda is the owner and operator of her own charter company, taking clients to those very bays and inlets that she has captured in her work. Her images not only touch visitors but have been instrumental in her region. Lending her talents to a host of projects from commemorative stamps, book covers, sea murals and instructional and educational venues. Her works have been the focus of  Museum Collections, and her commission work has expanded her collectors worldwide.  Brenda paints both conventional watercolors and watercolor images on preserved navigational charts; adding personality to those images; each chart telling its own story.  She has available original work as well as a variety of limited edition fine marine art lithographs, depicting a large area of the Pacific Northwest!